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Mid Month Lunch

Get to know each other better at our casual mid month lunch. Every Mid-Month, we gather in a smaller more intimate setting, typically at Shoe's Cork and Cup, Leesburg VA. We share our thoughts and feelings on topics that hit home at a personal level, forming stronger bonds within Our Power Tribe's community.  

Our Power Tribe Book List

The Our Power Tribe Community has a passion for learning, and sharing our experiences and knowledge. It's no surprise that our members have published numerous books that uplift and empower others. The OPT Book list contains publications from members, past presenters, and attendees.

Are you an Our Power Tribe Member who has been published? We would love to show our support for any of our member authors. Please contact Cindy Battino at the link below if you would like your uplifting, inspiring, or empowering book listed for our members to enjoy!


Traci Mitchell - Stirring The Pot

Many women are stuck in their day-to-day routine with so much noise overwhelming them — who they should be, what they should be doing, and how they should be doing it. They don’t realize that they are superheroes in disguise, donning invisible capes and capable of fulfilling their goals and ambitions.

In Stirring the Pot, author Traci Mitchell takes a closer look at successful, accomplished women who are living their lives on purpose, and what it takes to be an inspiration to oneself and those around you.
walk with you.

Learn more about your inner strengths and gifts. See just how phenomenal you can truly be. Traci Mitchell’s Stirring the Pot provides all the info you need for self-empowerment and purpose. Women are capable of making what may seem impossible, possible. It’s as simple as believing in yourself and finding others to walk with you.

Dr. Neema T Moore - Confidence Now!

Over the course of life, our confidence can take a beating. We know the goals and dreams we have for our lives, but sometimes we lack the confidence to get there.

In Confidence Now!: The Go-Getter Woman's Guide to Achieving Anything in Life, Dr. Neema Moore provides you with the tools you need to take back your life and become the person you are meant to be. Dr. Moore provides expert advice on how to shift your mindset, practice self-care from the inside out, exercise gratitude, establish boundaries, and retrain your brain toward positivity.

Armed with this knowledge, you can achieve anything in life. Instead of asking yourself, "Why me?" you'll find yourself saying, "Why not me? Why shouldn't I be able to achieve my dreams and be successful?" If you're ready to level up in all areas of your life, this book is for you. It's time to get confident, now!

Lisa Geraci Rigoni - 17 Spatulas and the Man Who Fried an Egg

This book is about something other than cooking, so you will not learn a new way to prepare vegetables for dinner. Instead, you will uncover your root causes of why you hold onto stuff. Spoiler Alert: It isn't because you are lazy.

Certified through The National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers (NASMM), professional organizer Lisa Geraci Rigoni explores our relationship with our stuff, dipping below the surface of a how-to book about organizing.

Lisa reveals that "the stuff (you make up) about your stuff (physical clutter) is not about your stuff."

With stories from almost two decades of guiding clients and five decades of personal development, Lisa hopes to inspire and motivate you. If you have organizational challenges, Lisa's insights will help you to resolve mental disruption caused by the physical objects you can see and what you cannot see - yet.

Mary Grate-Pyos - Wealthy Women: Wise Choices 


Are you frustrated by your finances? Would you like to move from frustration to freedom in your money matters? Then this book is a must read! Get the encouragement and guidance you need to take control of your finances. In Wealthy Woman - Wise Choices, you will discover the concept of managing your money with P.R.I.D.E. to move to a more abundant, prosperous place in your finances!

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