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Speaker Presentation Tips

10 Ways to maximize your experience at Our Power Tribe luncheon

1.    Tailor your presentation to an audience of intelligent, dynamic people.  Some own businesses and have employees.  Some are independent professionals.  Some are employees.  Some are just there for the amazing networking!  Make sure there is something in your presentation for everyone.

2.    Ask yourself, “How can these women benefit from listening to me?  What is in it for them?”  What message do you want them to be talking about next week?

3.    Tell your own story.  Talk about a pivotal moment in your life or your business – but remember, this is not an opportunity to promote a business or book, political or charity fundraiser, or conduct a training class or seminar.  Choose a story that will be meaningful to your audience.  Relive that time and take us with you to experience it.

4.    Tell what you learned from your experience and how you were changed by it so we can benefit from your learning.

5.    You are welcome to provide promotional material for attendees as well as a door prize.

6.    Most will not be taking notes, so please keep your points to no more than three.

7.    Try not to use PowerPoint unless there is a compelling reason – speaker will be charged for projector/screen use if we are charged.  A wireless lapel mic (if available) or a handheld mic will be available at no charge.  There will be a podium.

8.    Please prepare your presentation – most will know if you’re winging it.  Have fun.  The audience is on your side.

9.    You will have 20 minutes total for your speech and short Q&A.

10.    We strongly recommend potential speakers attend one Sterling Women luncheon (at their cost) to get an idea of the event logistics and speaker topic.

Please note that photographer(s) and videographer(s) are present and pictures and videos will be posted on our media pages.

The speaker’s lunch is complimentary and you will be seated at a head table with Sterling Women Host, Cindy Battino. Any other guests must register. There is no monetary compensation or travel reimbursement for selected speakers and the presentation should be a total of 20 minutes which includes a short Q&A at the end.

Lastly, speaker should plan on arriving early for networking and a photo with Cindy Battino.

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